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While custom built websites are the pinnacle of website development with each granular functionality being customised and built specifically for the Client, in many cases, custom development may not be needed or justified. Enter Wordpress - a highly capable and globally adopted authoring platform. While it initially gained popularity as blogging platform, over the years, its ease of use has made Wordpress arguably the world’s most popular open source CMS & Publishing system.
Wordpress websites account for over 30% of all websites on the Internet and a staggering 76% of the world’s CMS market, Wordpress is a highly maintained, scalable and versatile CMS platform that is capable of powering a variety of websites right from simple brochure and showcase websites to full fledged, feature & media rich websites for a range of business sizes.
With all that Wordpress has going for it, our team of open source experts leverage the Wordpress website platform to meticulously craft rich interfaces and user experiences powered by Wordpress backend. We work with closely Client to develop visually stunning, highly customised websites that are quick to deploy, easy to manage, SEO optimized and secure.
Wordpress Website Development

Why choose Wordpress for your website

There are a number of reasons why Wordpress is a great website solution depending on your business use case. Here are a few reasons to consider Wordpress for your website development needs :

Rich user interface and experience

Websites built with Wordpress are anything but vanilla. With rich user interfaces and engaging experience, you can rest assured that a professionally developed website using Wordpress will be second to none. What is even more enticing is the realtime Theme engine built into Wordpress websites which allows Clients to quickly swap their website’s look with any compatible theme.

Fully Responsive

Wordpress websites developed by our team of experts are fully responsive across all devices and are supported by all major browsers.

Easy of Use

Wordpress websites are incredibly easy to use and administer. With millions of users using Wordpress to administer their website every day, the platform has been built keeping a mass audience and ease of use at it’s helm.

Reduced Time to Market & Quicker Turnaround

Websites developed with Wordpress are considerably quicker to turnaround given the out of the box open source CMS. The Wordpress templating engine and theme architecture are designed for speed and fast deployment. With Wordpress, our team can churn our full fledged website within weeks or even days, which is a huge USP when time to market is critical.

Rich Data & Limitless content

Wordpress can be configured for a variety of data types including blogs, portfolios, products, information pages, testimonials and client lists to name a few. Once configured, these sections can hold a virtually limitless amount of content making Wordpress websites highly scalable. This feature coupled with its ease of use make Wordpress a highly maintainable solution.

Dynamic rich authoring

With rich editors, drag and drop images, galleries, tables and a multitude of customization options, adding content to your Wordpress website is a breeze. There's more though - When integrated with Visual Composer, Wordpress allows administrators to customize the look for their website, drag and drop entire sections, rearrange components, add new rich components such as sliders, carousels and maps in realtime.


Apart from being tremendously easy to use, Wordpress is supported by one of the largest community of open source users and can easily be scaled using existing plugins or even custom built plugins to suit a use case. It is this scalable nature of Wordpress that has catapulted the platform into the open source champion it is today.

Secured with HTTPs

All Wordpress websites developed by us run HTTPs by default thus securing the browsing experience for users and adding credibility to your website.

Search Engine Friendly

With SEO being at the forefront of any website requirement, we pre-configure all of our Wordpress website solutions for SEO by giving Client the tools to administer on-site and on-page optimization. With configurable friendly URL structures, dynamic XML sitemaps and the possibility to modify titles, keywords and description on the fly, these tools, when coupled with quality content, go a long way in improving a website’s search engine ranking

Large Scale Adoption

With Wordpress, we mean it when we say that your website is in great company. Wordpress powers some of the largest websites on the internet including TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Observer to name a few. Additionally, Wordpress also powers websites and microsites for brands such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Sony Music, Vogue, MTV, Google and others.

A Range of Wordpress Website Development solutions

Wordpress can be leveraged to serve a number of business use cases including Blogs & Magazines, Product showcases, Business & Corporate Websites, News websites, Marketing & Landing pages to name a few.
We work closely with Clients to provide the following services :
Wordpress Setup, Installation & Migration
Custom Wordpress themes from scratch
Customization of Wordpress themes
Plugin development & advanced customizations
Code optimization & W3C Validation
Deployment to Live environments

Wordpress Website Maintenance Contracts

We’re in it with our Clients for the long haul. Beyond building and deploying your Wordpress website, we actively maintain Client websites through multiple engagement options. Under our affordable Wordpress Annual Maintenance Contracts or Wordpress AMCs, we provide the following services on an ongoing basis :
Wordpress updates
Updates to the Wordpress core, theme and plugins as and when new versions are released to ensure security & optimization
Realtime Security
Website Firewall, Malware scanning & Intrusion Protection. Preventing malicious users from breaking into your website
Regular Backups
Regular scheduled backups to ensure that your website data is safe and stored securely. This is critical for disaster recovery
24x7 Uptime Monitoring
Our automated systems monitor your website’s uptime to ensure maximum availability and to allow our team to react to downtimes

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