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If your E-Commerce business is just getting off the ground or if speed to market with an extremely budget friendly costing is your goal, WooCommerce is the perfect solution for you. With WooCommerce, we rapidly build out powerful E-Commerce websites within weeks while using a platform that powers over 40% of all E-Commerce websites on the internet with over 2M+ active stores
Imagine a full fledged E-Commerce store with unlimited categories, endless products, full range filters for discovery, rich product pages and multiple payment options - all built out within a matter of weeks.
Woocommerce Website Development
E-Commerce is an exciting, and very often, critical avenue for any business looking to leverage the internet to move products or expand to additional revenue streams. E-Commerce websites and online stores allow businesses to tap into a massive internet market which can quickly become mainstream revenue for a lot of businesses
WooCommerce offers a highly customisable platform that is built keeping quick turnarounds, features and integrations in mind. With its template architecture and large plugin availability, WooCommerce allows setting up of online stores with all the features and integrations expected from a modern online store. Regularly audited by Sucuri, an industry leader in security, WooCommerce is highly maintained and supported by a community of 1000s of developers

WooCommerce vs Custom E-Commerce Development

A question we’re often asked is ‘What is the right E-Commerce solution for my business?’. Essentially, should you be pushing to have your store live at the earliest using an existing platform such as WooCommerce or should you be pulling all stops to build your own platform. Well, it depends...
If you’re just starting out or are on a tighter budget and your online store would be selling less than 2000 products to start with, using an open source e-commerce framework such as a WooCommerce website solution is a perfect fit for you. WooCommerce websites are incredibly affordable for their feature sets and have a much faster speed to market. WooCommerce is a great way to get up and running fast without having substantial budgets. Again, with WooCommerce, a reduced cost doesn’t hamper the feature expectation and you wouldn’t need to compromise on standard E-Commerce features as these are available out of the box.
On the other hand, if your online business is expected to be significantly large, selling tens of thousands of products, our custom E-Commerce development service provides great value and is the right solution for you especially when coupled with our website design and web development solutions, provide great value. Again, if you require a highly customised E-Commerce website, then custom is the way to go. Our custom E-Commerce solutions are built from ground up and completely around your business. They provide a high level of performance and security for larger E-Commerce stores. However, the costs associated with custom development are often higher when compared to ready open source solutions

Why choose WooCommerce for your website

Built on top of the world’s most popular content management system - Wordpress, WooCommerce is a powerful, integrated, secure platform with a range of features available ‘out-of-the-box’.
Woocommerce Website Development
Here are a few noteworthy features of the platform

Content meets Commerce

Wordpress is the leader in the open source CMS world. When bundled with WooCommerce, it provides a seamless blend of content and commerce. Sell, blog, showcase and generate content on one unified interface and platform

Engaging E-Commerce experiences

The WooCommerce theme architecture allows your website to take advantage of rich front end experiences, fully integrated with the ready-to-go backend CMS. With rich interfaces that are engaging and are designed to drive sales.

Sell anything:

Don’t limit yourself, if you can sell it, you can sell it online. From physical products to digital downloads to subscriptions, from content to appointments, you can sell literally anything with WooCommerce.

Full Range Dynamic Cataloging

With WooCommerce, you receive complete flexibility and control over your store with unlimited product categories, unlimited products and variations (Colours, Sizes), dynamic product attributes (width, length etc) and product tags.

Powerful Product Listing pages

Enable a full range of product filters to allow your users narrow down on the perfect option for their purchase. Filter products by category, brands, attributes, price and other configurable filters. New filters can easily be set in real time.

Rich Product Pages

Create full featured, rich product pages with engaging galleries to showcase your products to the fullest. Incorporate colour and size options within product pages and link related products to create an engaging, immersive product experience.

Configurable Shipping Zones & Rates

Decide where you ship, how you ship and what rates you charge. Create Shipping Zones with granular control right down to PIN codes. Structure flat rate shipping or even free shipping for select or all products.

Multiple Payment Methods

Allow your users to pay you through multiple payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Internet Banking, COD or PayPal. Employ the use of multiple popular payment gateways such as PayU, PayTM, PayPal and others

Multi Currency Support

Sell your products overseas with confidence. WooCommerce has built in multi-currency support which provides everything needed to go global when coupled with the multiple payment gateways supported by the platform.

GST & Tax Support

Support multiple taxes and even GST chargeable on purchases made through the website. Calculate taxes on the fly, in real time, based on the user’s geographic location and charge the tax on checkout.

Secured with HTTPs

Since Google has started clearly highlighting stores that do not use https:// as unsecure, using HTTPs is a mandate for any modern store. All WooCommerce websites developed by us run HTTPs thus securing the browsing experience for users and giving them the confidence to shop

Realtime Reporting

Access unlimited reports for your store including Orders, Inventory and users. Gain insights on transactions instantly. Reports are critical to any business process and your E-Commerce store is no different. Sell, Measure, Gauge, all through one unified dashboard

Reduced Time to Market & Quicker Turnaround

One of the greatest benefits of using WooCommerce is its time to market. Taking advantage of the existing stock feature set and theme architecture, your E-Commerce store can be up and running within weeks using WooCommerce

Search Engine Friendly

Build a store that search engines will love. Employ friendly URL structures, dynamic XML sitemaps and the possibility to modify titles, keywords and description on the fly. Coupled with great content, these tools give your store the edge it needs

All the WooCommerce services you need

With Brand Catalyst Media, all your WooCommerce needs are covered. We work closely with Clients to provide the following services :
WooCommerce Setup, Installation & Migration
Managing existing WooCommerce stores
Custom WooCommerce themes from scratch
Customization of WooCommerce themes
Plugin development & advanced customizations
Code optimization & W3C Validation
Deployment to Live environments

Retainers & Website Maintenance Contracts

We work alongside our clients so that they can focus on the business knowing that their website is in very capable hands Beyond building and deploying your E-Commerce website, we can actively maintain your website through multiple engagement options. Under our affordable Annual Maintenance Contracts or WooCommerce AMCs, we provide the following services on an ongoing basis :
Wordpress & WooCommerce updates
Updates to the Wordpress core & WooCommerce platform, theme and plugins as and when new versions are released to ensure security & optimization
Realtime Security
Website Firewall, Malware scanning & Intrusion Protection. Preventing malicious users from breaking into your website
Regular Backups
Regular scheduled backups to ensure that your website data is safe and stored securely. This is critical for disaster recovery
24x7 Uptime Monitoring
Our automated systems monitor your website’s uptime to ensure maximum availability and to allow our team to react to downtimes

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