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We provide more than just website design services, when we create a website for a client, a digital marketing initiative or a corporate, we design and develop rich, user friendly responsive user interfaces and website experiences that convert. Combined with our graphic design experience, our website development services focus on building websites with a strong aesthetic appeal and an intuitive user experience while building a seamless extension of existing branding guidelines. Our focus goes beyond just great design, our coding approach ensure that all our websites are search engine friendly taking into consideration clear search engine optimization guidelines with W3C validation & the high quality HTML coding standards. Combined, our approach has made us a leading development company in Mumbai
Website Design & Web Development

A Web Designing Company that marries design & technology

Today, we’re a leading website development company in Mumbai and that is only because, our high quality web development solutions and years of experience compliment our professional web design services perfectly.
We are more than just a web design company, we our core strengths lie in leveraging the latest development technologies to meet project requirements. The web should be fast, scalable and websites should be fully responsive for every platform (commonly known as responsive web design) and not just for desktop users, However, in certain cases, a segregation of a website presence is the need of the hour. We work with our clients to fully understand their requirements and accordingly recommend a range of website products including desktop only websites, tablet based websites, mobile sites and finally, fully responsive websites that cater to all audiences.
Having worked with clients on everything from ecommerce website projects, landing page designs to compliment our app development services and dynamic websites, our expertise is spread across various business genres and domains. Our work process allows us to ideate websites from scratch, design crisp user interfaces, develop strong user experience, enhance through innovation and deploy only top-notch websites.
When it comes to website redesign projects, you want to make sure that you get a website design company that understands web development and that is where we shine - high quality websites that look great and are a pleasure to use.
Website Designing & Web Development Project

End-to-End Website Designing and Development served

While we pride ourselves in being connoisseurs of design, it is the underlying code where our real strengths lie. As a web development company at heart, we design great looking websites that are perfectly implementable and we integrate these designs with powerful, ground up backend CMS solutions that make website management a breeze. Based in Mumbai, we provide high quality development services that follow industry leading MVC principles, we develop powerful dynamic or database driven websites that provide a solid experience to both users as well as teams managing various aspects of the website Every website designed and developed by us starts from scratch on all fronts including the user interface, the user experience, the database and the backend CMS.
On the frontend, we ideate and design beautiful user interfaces from scratch and we hand code every syntax of HTML5 code.
On the backend, we architect database structures specifically around the website's goals. We write and integrate programming code using Laravel, an industry leading php framework. Finally, we work in tandem with the client to deploy and test the website on to the staging and production environments.
Essentially, we’re a website design company that actually speaks code and is backed by a team solid web developers

A Focus on Quality

With each website designed and developed by Brand Catalyst Media, you can count on a high quality product build by a professional web design development company. Each website built by us from scratch goes through a series of rigours before it hits any production environment. Every website shipped from our labs includes :
  • The latest HTML5 standards
  • Support for all major browsers
  • Valid HTML and CSS code
  • Google PageSpeed performance optimisation
  • SEO friendly coding practices
  • SEO friendly page structures & URLs
  • Dynamic sitemap generation
  • Google Structured Data implementation
  • Google, Bing website verification
  • Google Analytics

A platter of Web Design & Website Development Solutions

Over the years, we have successfully conceptualized, deployed & maintained a range of websites. These are just a few services that has made us one of the Top Web Development Companies in Mumbai :
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Static Websites
  • Dynamic Database Driven Websites
  • Shopping & eCommerce Stores
  • Social & Professional Networking platforms
  • Real Estate & Property Portals
  • Media & Video Streaming Platforms
  • Contests, Voting & Polling Microsites
  • Corporate Websites
  • Product Microsites
  • App Showcase Websites
  • Classifieds Portals
  • Campaign Landing Pages

Website Developement Technologies we use & love

PHP MySQL Websites
Laravel Websites
HTML5 Websites
CSS3 Websites
Jquery Websites
Bootstrap Websites

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