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Powerful Web Applications

Web Applications are powerful productivity & functionality tools that utilize the accessibility advantage of the web. Being proficient in Web Application architecture, we develop feature rich, interactive Web Applications that are built from ground up & brought to life by smart server side scripting, intricate database structures, robust algorithms and interactive client side scripting via HTML5, Ajax and Jquery.
Powerful Web Applications

The Web is your new Office

With businesses, big and small, across multiple industries turning to SAAS, web based ERP & CRM solutions, the potential that web applications bring to a business process can no longer be ignored. With rich frontend technologies, improved user experience and robust scalable backends, web applications today provide a secure, future ready & accessible solution. Compared to traditional standalone applications, web based application provide a mobility advantage quite simply by being accessible through the internet. These applications are system independent and run on a user's browser. Web applications are light-weight and instantly scalable applications are rich in both features and user experience. Also, a host powerful features can even be made available to users when they're offline using HTML5 offline access. A few examples of Web Based Applications are :
  • Web based CRMs and ERPs
  • Lead Management Systems
  • Web based Call Center applications
  • Inventory & store management systems
  • Intranet solutions
  • Client extranets
  • Workflow and task force apps
  • Reports & MIS

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