Search Engine Optimisation

Leverage our inbuilt on site SEO to be found when users look

Google today is synonymous with search. With an increasing number of business making a transition to the web, the need for optimisation that will propel your search engine ranking has never been more. Search engine optimisation or SEO helps your website grow organically and increases your chances of being found vis-a-vis the competition. Today, SEO cannot simply be an afterthought, SEO needs to be a part of your code as much as your functionality or USP
Search Engine Optimisation

SEO friendly coding & development methodologies

All websites built at Brand Catalyst Media, whether they're desktop, tablet, mobile or fully responsive, are hand coded using industry best practices with a strong focus on the highest coding standards and search engine optimisation guidelines to ensure higher search engine visibility. These standards aren't limited to static pages, our dynamic development standards ensure that all dynamic pages are fully optimised with pattern based meta generation or even fully customised meta tags, URLs, OG and social date through our content management system
Innovation through design & technology

Coded for users and search engines alike

Our custom design solutions coupled with hand coded validated markup standards ensure that while your website looks fantastic, search engine spiders too can read your code correctly thus providing you with the maximum benefit of optimized content.

Just a few of our on site SEO services included on all websites are :

  • Dynamic meta tags authoring
  • Pattern based meta tag generation
  • Customisable SEO friendly URL schemes
  • Heading tag optimisation
  • Dynamic Image SEO
  • Search engine friendly markup
  • Open graph tag optimisation
  • Twitter Card optimisation
  • Canonical URL implementation
  • On-site Optimisation
  • Dynamic XML sitemaps

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