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The Implemented Solution

Tread Burners is every car owner's ultimate companion. Spread into a web application and a mobile application(Android, iOS, Blackberry), Tread Burners allows users to create an account for free and track the health of unlimited vehicles in real time, on the go.

Add & configure unlimited cars with custom preferences. Track your car's monthly economy, mileage & services right from your phone. Get notified the minute a service is due. 

The application also provides users with vehicle specific offers down to a car's make and model. Additionally, the application is backed by a team of Automotive service experts that helps users tackle issues with their vehicles including services right through the application.

Tread Burners allows users to :
- Add & Track unlimited cars
- Track your vehicles average fuel economy
- View your car's health
- Track overdue services
- Customize your tracking preferences
- Gain special offers & discounts
- Get help when you're on the move.

The Implemented Solution The Implemented Solution
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