Trail Boutique
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Lifestyle, Travel
Laravel, MySQL, PHP, Javascript
PayU, Payment Gateway

The Implemented Solution

Trail Boutique is a unique travel startup that believes that perfect holidays and tours should be tailor made. Trail Boutique puts the power of deciding how a trip pans out back in the hands of customers. Providing a unique discovery experience to its users, the website allows potential customers to find holidays by activity or experience. Of course, both these user journeys are filterable to help users narrow down on itineraries till they find their perfect holiday.

However, the user journey doesn't end there. While the Trail Boutique team painstakingly hand crafts itineraries that can be accessed directly via the website, the biggest USP of the website is that users always have the option of completely customizing these itineraries to their very own flavour. Users can customize these itineraries right down to the number of days and the day by day agenda for each day of the holiday. This can be achieved through a rich drag and drop interface that allows users to plan out their activities and experiences to the T.

This innovative approach to holidays is what makes Trail Boutique a 'one of a kind' platform

The Implemented Solution

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