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The Premise

Shilpa Shetty is amongst the most dynamic Indian celebrities to grace the glamour and fitness scene. Always positioned towards fitness, a healthier lifestyle and overall wellbeing, when we were approach to build India's fist Fitness and Wellbeing platform, driven and proponed by Shilpa Shetty herself, it was an honor and a challenge - We had to do justice to the persona behind the product visually while ensuring that the product itself fulfills the promise of attaining a healthier lifestyle. 

The platform had to be driven through a mobile-first approach and had to ensure that the end-user receives an immersive experience. After all, this was to be built as one of the first fitness and wellness platforms to be delivered from the Indian stable.

The Implemented Solution

  The Shilpa Shetty Yoga and Fitness platform was built from the ground up as a native iOS and Android mobile application. Unlike other fitness apps, the Shilpa Shetty App allows users to embark on their fitness journey with Shilpa herself as their guide, performing the workouts side-by-side while providing the best motivation that fans have come to expect from her persona. 

The application allows users to register and access varied Yoga, Wellness and Fitness programs on the go. These programs are available to the user as a combination of Free as well as Premium programs, the application features a range of In-App Subscription mechanisms that allow users to subscribe to Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly plans. The programs themselves are available to users in a short form programs - less than 2 hours with a general goal or a long form - spread across multiple days as an end to end goal-based program. Long from Fitness Programs are integrated with a workout calendar that appropriately breaks up the program for maximum efficacy. Users can consume these programs through an adaptive streaming video experience and furthermore, workout days themselves can be downloaded so that they are available to users when offline.

Additionally, the application allows users to track their fitness journey as they progress through their programs. However, the mobile application goes beyond just workouts. Each program has its own customized Diet Plan to ensure that while users get their share of physical activity, they're eating right as well. Eating right has always been one of Shilpa Shetty's messages and the application features a range of healthy recipes presented by Shilpa herself.

For iOS users specifically, the mobile application is also integrated with HealthKit so users can use their Apple Watch to track their calorie burns and workouts as they take the programs on the application.

 iOS users can take advantage of iTunes In-App subscriptions while Android users have the option of subscribing using Google In-App Billing, Paytm, Credit & Debit Cards, Internet Banking, Amazon Pay & Freecharge.

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The Result

The Shilpa Shetty Yoga & Fitness App has achieved the following accolades

  • 4 times App of The Day on iTunes
  • Ranked #1 Health & Fitness App on iTunes
  • Ranked #1 Health & Fitness App on Android
  • Featured App on iTunes
  • 500,000 + downloads on Android

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