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Facebook, Google Maps v3, Zomato, BookMyShow, Youtube, Dineout, Ola, Uber

The Premise

Flo Chat was conceived as a platform that aims at solving a few but critical issues in the mobile application space. Users today have multiple applications for their favourite services and the process of bringing content from these services to their preferred communication platform isn't necessarily seamless. Then there lies the issue of multiple apps and the memory they hog.

Brand Catalyst Media was engaged by Yagerbomb Media to build the iOS & Android mobile application for Flo Chat which aimed at bringing a user's favorite discovery services such as Zomato, BookMyShow, Ola, Uber & others into the point of conversation. Additionally, the idea was to do away with the need to install multiple applications for services which may not always be accessed constantly. Conversations are where transaction decisions are made and Flo recognised this trend. The idea was to ensure that users could discover movies, videos, restaurants, bars and even cab options right from within their conversations. Taking in-app discovery one step further, Flo wanted to ensure that users should not only be able to discover content within their conversation space but also transact within the same eco system such as making table reservations, booking movie tickets or even a cab from their favorite taxi service.

Flo Chat's modus operandi is simple - to do away with the need to install multiple applications simply to use a service and to discover as well as transact at the point of conversation rather than switching between browser views and apps.  

The Implemented Solution

Flo Chat is a simple but powerful chat messenger that seamlessly integrates a powerful messaging experience with the discovery, contextual sharing, in-app transactions & more. An evolution from it's original avatar (previously known as OUWT), 
Flo Chat takes messaging to the next level by providing users with a platform that takes the power of instant messaging between users and groups and integrates it with the convenience of accessing multiple platforms such as Zomato, BookMyShow, Ola, Uber, Dineout, Youtube and others within one unified interface. The application directly integrates these popular services within the Flo Chat interface and does away with the need for users to install multiple applications thereby boosting the usability of Flo as a chat application that truly aids discovery and transactions while saving valuable memory for its users.

Running off one simple, unified and 'easy on the eyes' interface, Flo ensures that users access all the information they need without the clutter of multiple apps. With end to end 3rd Party API and SDK integrations, Flo Chat focuses on a strong integrated experience. That being said, the innovation doesn't just lie in the discovery space. Flo chat ensures that users are greeted with a rich messaging experience complete with rich media, live emojis, GIFs and more.
The Implemented Solution

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The Result

  1. Over 50,000 installs within 2 months of launch
  2. 10+ external services in one solid interface
  3. Featured on leading online platforms
  4. Secured funding within the 1st year of launch

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