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The Implemented Solution

Lumiere Movies is the first movement of its kind to bring contemporary, cutting edge world cinema to India and make it available over multiple platforms. The films, handpicked from over 35 countries, showcase works by master film-makers reflecting a wide range of cultures and varied styles of film making. While the 24 hour TV channel spearheads the movement, the Lumiere collection can also be experienced on DVD, in theatres, on the internet, as well as through customized corporate events.

The site features an end to end movie library, dvd covers, tv schedule listings, interviews, trailers, videos, photos, event information and an interactive forum. The site focuses on a seamless spillover from the channels offline branding while providing a usable and friendly user experience.

The content and movie vault is powered by the 1st generation of our in-house Content Management System. 

Client Testimonial

Brand Catalyst Media developed our website These guys are really good in what they do. They are hardworking, understand client expectations, go out their way and help clients out. I am very happy i chose them for the job. I know at any given time i can pick up the phone and request them for anything related to the site they have developed and i wont be disappointed.

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
Ninad Raikar
Revenue & Business Operations - Lumiere Movies
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