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The Premise

Local Press Co is a powerful, crowdsourced, hyper local news platform that puts the power of news generation and consumption in the hands of the people

More often than not, the coverage of local or neighbourhood news is scarce due to its lack of relevance to the masses. Local stories like accidents, robberies, fires etc. have a greater possibility of featuring on social media feeds than traditional news outlets. In either case, the news seldom reaches the right user because the traditional media rarely features it and social media makes it impossible to segregate news from the never ending flow of content.

The Implemented Solution

Local Press Co deals with this issue head on by making reporting of news easy, wrapping it in a neat package and serving news to relevant users. 

Here's how we did it. We built a platform with a sole purpose of serving local news where individuals report local news as it breaks. We serve these news stories to nearby users, users use ‘vouch’ & ‘dismiss’ actions to validate accuracy.

Additional key features include :

Location Radius – Choose how local you want your news ranging from 2 kms to the entire city
Notifications – Receive alerts when you subscribe to reports or when users engage with your reports
Battery Saver – Continue receiving updates from your default location even with location services turned off
Trust Score – Become a trusted reporter by adding accurate news stories
Filter Content – Decide the categories that interest you and only get news from those
Easy Share – Simultaneously post your reports on Twitter & Facebook or share across platforms

Missed out on any local news lately? Download and find out

The Implemented Solution

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