E2R Lead Management System

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The Implemented Solution

The E2R Lead Management System (LMS) is an integral extension of the www.roofontop.com property platform. The E2R LMS caters to the website's platinum agents ie agents who are specifically trained by the roofontop.com team to serve the website's clients in an organised process oriented manner. The LMS allows these agents to login to the system either via the E2R website or E2R Android & iOS application.

Agents can manage their properties as well as customers through the application. Whenever a client logs an inquiry for a property that has been posted by a platinum agent, the inquiry is automatically queued on the E2R application. Agents can directly interact with clients, organise multiple meetings, help clients shortlist properties, find financing for the clients and finally close the transaction with clients.

The application can also be used by management users to track various users on the LMS platform and their inquiries on the go
The Implemented Solution
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