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PHP, MySql, JSON, Facebook Connect, Android Native, iOS Native
PayPal, Facebook, Google Maps v3

The Premise

Drinksquare is a unique concept that takes the hassle out of ordering drinks across the bar by virtualising the process. No more queuing up at a bar to order a drink at your favourite watering hole. Simply open the app, find your establishment or bar and buy a drink for yourself to redeem or better yet, get your friends to buy the drink for you through a plethora of social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more. 

 Once the drink has been bought, it will instantly appear in your app in the form of a redeemable coupon. All that you need to do next show the coupon to your bar tender and you're done. It's that easy

The Implemented Solution

For Drinksquare, we needed the app to be as edgy and easy to use as the concept itself. With a strong focus on user design, the application allows users to quickly discover bars around them and the most popular drinks at these locations. Built on a ground up, 3 tier architecture, the application is scalable and future ready.

Heavily relying on Google Maps, tapping and holding the logo and the application will instantly find bars for you within a radius of 1 to 5 kms from your current location. Once you find a drink you like, you can either request your friends to buy the drink for you over a host of social platforms or even buy yourself the drink to save the hassle of queuing up at a bar.

The application is fully integrated with card.io which securely allows scanning and quickly adding payment modes to the app. Payments are facilitated seamlessly via Paypal. In the event that the app is not installed on a user's device, drink purchases can be made through an easy to use mobile web interface.

New establishments can sign up via the vendor portal & setup their billing details. The vendor portal is a fully loaded dashboard that allows owners to manage multiple locations and drinks with detailed sales and revenue reports.

Currently available on iOS & Android, Drinksquare is the perfect social engine for consumers and establishment owners alike.
The Implemented Solution

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