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Bella Academy
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Encryption, PHP7, Laravel, MySQL, Javascript
Sendgrid, PayU, Youtube

The Premise

Being a long standing and returning client to whom we had previously provided our website design services, Bella Academy is a prestigious ballet school based out of South Mumbai. The goal before us for the project was to rebuild the existing website from ground up with an end-to-end School Management System that would not only administer the website but also handle the school's day to day running    

The Implemented Solution

The School Management System for Bella Academy was built from ground up with the intention of allowing the ballet academy to manage all aspects of student onboarding, classes, batches, timetables and assignments. Further, the system manages end-to-end transaction for fees, extra classes and even the E-Commerce store on the website that allows purchases of a range of related products including uniforms, shoes and other ballet related products. The system handles these functionalities with built in reporting and invoicing.

Built keeping communication and engagement in mind, the School Management System offloads the overhead of regular communication between the school and students regarding fees, classes, schedules and even handles rescheduling of student classes.

Integrated with a ground up POS features, the system not only manages transactions over the internet but also manages all spot sales and transactions 

The Implemented Solution

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