Top List : 10 Hugely Popular Websites built with WordPress

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Top List : 10 Hugely Popular Websites built with WordPress

WordPress websites power 28% of the internet(Source: Yep, you read that right. However, this staggering statistic aside, Wordpress has built its reputation primarily as a blogging system. Created in 2003 as a better blogging option, today, Wordpress is the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. In truth though, Wordpress has evolved much beyond just another blogging system. Though Wordpress is still one of the quickest ways to get a blog up and running, over the years, the Wordpress platform has matured into a full-featured Content Management System (CMS). 

That being said, while the general assumption might still be that it is a hot favorite amongst bloggers, newbies, amateurs and first-time website owners, Wordpress today powers some of the biggest and most popular websites on the Internet.

Why do so large brands and businesses use WordPress

Entrepreneurs, Business, and Brands turn to Wordpress development for Its agile nature, fully responsive frontend abilities and quick turn-around capabilities 

Wordpress also has a plethora of business grade plugins for caching, optimisation, on-page SEO, and marketing. This makes it a very attractive propositions, especially for content or publishing based websites.

Further, with a massive active community and an actively maintained core, using a platform like Wordpress addressing any technology longevity questions a business may have. Again, when coupled with powerful plugins such as its favorite E-Commerce website plugin -  WooCommerce, Wordpress takes websites to a whole other level catering to a whole gamut of E-Commerce website features.

Why we're creating this list

Though we constantly work with WordPress to deliver some top-notch websites, at the onset of any project, Clients often ask us if there are any big names out there that use WordPress to develop their websites. To answer that question, we decided to compile a list of some of the top websites in the world. For this list, we've considered the overall Google Page Rank of the website and the Global Ranking of the website.

Google Page Rank: 8     Global Rank: 238


Business Insider

Google Page Rank: 8     Global Rank: 296

Business Insider

Bloomberg Professional

Google Page Rank: 7     Global Rank: 432

Tech Crunch

Google Page Rank: 8     Global Rank: 611

Tech Crunch

Google Page Rank: 7     Global Rank: 781

Google Page Rank: 8     Global Rank: 832

Google Page Rank: 8     Global Rank: 964

The New Yorker

Google Page Rank: 8     Global Rank: 1323

Google Page Rank: 7     Global Rank: 1583 (Quartz)

Google Page Rank: 7     Global Rank: 1825


That about wraps up our top ten list. Did we miss anyone noteworthy on our list? Do let us know

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