Is your E-Commerce Website GST ready?

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Is your E-Commerce Website GST ready?

July 2017 marks one of the largest tax changes in India, the long-awaited and much-discussed introduction of Goods and Service Tax or GST. 

Unlike other taxes introduced, GST unifies and replaces existing service and goods related taxes altogether. Just like any other business, E-Commerce websites now have to adopt the new tax reforms and system. Good new is that at Brand Catalyst Media, we've got you covered. All of our E-Commerce website, mobile web and mobile application solutions are now fully GST ready. 

So what does GST ready mean?

Great question. Tax slabs have always existed on custom and ready-to-go E-Commerce website but with the introduction of GST, came changes computations and applicability. With this upgrade to our offering, all of our solutions are built to help your business adopt GST seamlessly. Our E-Commerce solutions now include :

  1. Built-in GSTIN and home state configuration
  2. Product and service HSN and SAC management
  3. Multiple Tax Slabs based on product or service pricing
  4. Real-time computation applicability of Intra State and Inter-State taxes
  5. GST compliant invoicing and PDF invoice generation
  6. GST centric tax reporting

Given that we specialize in bespoke solutions that are modular and scalable, in addition to providing this as a major feature on all upcoming projects, we've also upgraded and migrated a majority of our existing E-Commerce clients over to GST.

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