6 Awesome Websites & Web Design Showcases all web designers should refer to

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6 Awesome Websites & Web Design Showcases all web designers should refer to

We could all use a little inspiration every now and then, a nudge in the right creative direction if you will. The right inspiration can be the difference between good and great.

As creative designers, seeking inspiration plays many roles in the website design process. While blindly emulating another design is possibly the worst move you can make as a web designer, seeking inspiration from the right sources can flood your brain with all the right creative juices and really take your design to the next level. Other points to consider while pursuing a new website development venture is ‘Current Trends’ and ‘Best Practices

Website Design Showcases are a great place to seek inspiration for the creative direction on any new website design project, understand current user experience trends for web development and user journeys for E-Commerce websites. These showcases provide a curated list of some of the most exciting user interfaces from the design community. These showcases provide an unbiased array of designs from a range of freelancers, small agencies, and prominent design houses. 

While reviewing these web design showcases, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from these curated lists :

  1. Don’t rush it, take your time, study the design and understand what is ‘current’
  2. Use categories and filters to narrow down to the industry or type of design project to better understand the best practices or trends that would influence your design project
  3. Colours - so important! The right colors will really drive your design message home so take the time to see what works and what doesn’t
  4. Fonts & Typography - never be afraid to experiment but take the time to understand what works. 
  5. Pay attention to User Journeys on the websites showcased. 
  6. Some showcases are developer-centric which provide great insights on website development trends

Lastly, don’t just copy what you see, no matter what you think, ‘Duplication’ is not a compliment. Eeek inspiration but make it your own. 

Our design team at Brand Catalyst Media has put together a list of go-to showcases that we’re constantly referencing to keep track of the current design trends and design styles based. Here’s our list of website design showcases we recommend



Awwwards.com is one of our favorite design showcases. Websites featured on Awwwards are recipients of their Site of the Day, Site of the Month, Site of the Year, Developer, Mobile Excellence or Honorable Mentions award. In addition to discovering websites across the award types, you can also filter websites by category, technology, color, and country. Awwwards features websites of only the highest caliber and is a true destination for quality inspiration


Favorite Website Awards

TheFWA or Favorite Website Award has been around for a long time and though their approach to visually presenting shortlisted websites has changed over time (quite a few times actually), it is still a great place to find inspiration. They primarily award website with the FWA of the Day, FWA of the Month and FWA of the Year awards. Apart from the awards, they also cover some great editorial content.


CSS Design Awards

We really like CSSDesignAwards. It's a no-nonsense showcase gallery that allows you to discover websites by features, industry and color schemes. The gallery also features the popular award format with Nominees, Site of the Day, Month and Year.



SiteInspire is a simple, straightforward gallery that allows you to discover websites with some great user interfaces by Style, Type, Subjects (That’s interesting) and even Platforms. StieInspire’s clean interface and great review process ensure that the gallery showcases some of the best work out there. 



Behance.net is a famed portfolio platform which is under the Adobe umbrella. Behance allows artists from various walks to showcase their creative work across multiple fields. Behance is a great place to get instant access to the freshest designs from freelancers, designers, and agencies, big and small. Their discovery experience allows you to filter profiles and portfolios across multiple fields and locations.



‘Discover and connect with the world’s top designers’ - that's the tagline that hits you when you visit Dribbble.com and it may very well be true. Dribbble classifies designs into a range of different ‘Shots’ by designers and creative teams. Always abuzz with fresh content, Dribbble is a great place to fish around when you’re seeking creative sparks 


That about wraps it up. We hope you find our short but sure list helpful. Let us know if we missed any exceptional galleries out there or please feel to share your own sources of web design inspiration.

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